August 22, 2010

NOT YOUR MOTHER'S sister|brother:


Welcome all to what could be the most futile effort known to humankind. Buckle your seatbelt, pour yourself another cup of coffee and prepare for a challenge of material sorts. Sacramento may not seem like the mecca of fashion-forward genius or even the proper stomping ground for a blogosphere of fashion conversation, but we're here to change that. Turn Sacramento upside down-- a fashion naissance, if you will. We have made it our civic duty to inform you of the good, the bad, the ugly, the fugly, the masters and the disasters of that which we witness everyday in our walk of life. 

Who made us queen and king of fashion intelligence in Sac town bay area and back down? Good question and one we have no reasonable answer to except for, don't hate. Read, look, shop, support the local fashion economy and challenge us with your own aesthetic. Serve as our informants, if you want... or don't. Do, however, use us as your outlet for burgeoning designers, creators and muses. We'll feature them here and promote them as much as we can. Email us photos of your favorite clothing item, accessory, or shoe and we'll blog about it. We can't guarantee we'll know EVERYTHING, but we will promise you this, we'll always make your click worthwhile. Let's break out of that box that confines our inner fashion beast, Sacramento. Join us, will you?

- sister|brother

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