August 22, 2010


Bess Studded Boot
Christian Louboutin Knee High Boot
Givenchy Suede Tassled Bootie
L.A.M.B Zipper Military Boot
Dr. Martens


Shelf the “shoe uniform” of ballerina flats, cowboy boots and gladiator booties (don't throw them away, box and label them for a fashion hibernation). Save them for your casual parade (cowboy boots are really cute with a slouchy sweat pant, but I digress...), sister, and strap up. Enter military boot in any color with a twist, preferably a heel but we don't want you ballerina-flat-wearing mommies out there having a heart attack, try the wedged version or a kitten heel... think military on crack. That's right, I said it. Imagine your feet in armor-- the more buckles, chains and hardware, the better. Exaggerated round toes, Pointy toes so sharp they could serve as a self-defense tool and open-toe cleavage run the gamut. Everywhere from Givenchy to Louboutin to L.A.M.B and if you really have to, good ole Dr. Martens. This is the look for Fall. Don't be caught short, literally.

- sister

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