August 24, 2010


Torn by Ronny Kobo Striped Mini
Torn by Ronny Kobo High Shoulder Wonder
Madewell's Striped Scarf

Let me share a styling tip for those that think if it's “labeled,” it's chic. It's not. Great advice, eh? It's true. Sure, we all love the smell, taste and feel of what I like to call “caviar couture.” It makes you feel like you've accomplished something, even if the only thing you've actually accomplished is depleting your hard-earned paycheck on a pair of pony-haired slingbacks in cobalt blue (as fantastic as they might be, they're not practical for the average maiden). The reality of the situation is this, you don't have to break the bank to look like you did. My favorite, price-pleasing designers can be found just about everywhere and maintain the same level of design fabulosity as your Thakoon or even Derek Lam. I do not tell a lie. For an avant garde, high fashion urban feel, try Ronny Kobo's latest line, Torn. His bonded dress resembles that of a costume from Star Trek only with a slightly sleeker, more sophisticated feel. Or, try the cotton/jersey version above in a long sleeve. I promise you'll love his stuff and his prices even more. For accessories, I love Madewell's scarves (Alexa Chung is now designing for them. How can you go wrong!). 

JCrew's Three-Quarter Sleeves White Collared Shirt
Of course, there is always J Crew. However, fashionistas (like I need to tell you this) beware. Their more original, less basic pieces are very cute, but heed my warning-- unless you want to see your brother's girlfriend wearing the same printed sundress you bought that seemed so cute and so different, but was made in mass production and therefore will be seen on half of America, at the family reunion, do not buy and if you do, don't get pissed off like you had it first. Trust me, you didn't. That being said, they really do have amazing deals and steals on beautifully made basic pieces. For example, the three-quarter sleeves perfect stretch shirt in a crisp white is simply a must have (I have two). Many more secrets to be unlocked from my chest of textile sundries at unbeatable prices. Y'all come back now. 


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