April 1, 2011



We all remember the photos. JFK Jr. dragging his kayak to shore, playing frisbee with his buddies in the park, tossing the ball to his pup - it seemed like every week there was a new pic of the impossibly handsome crowned prince of the US wearing those classic blue swim trunks with the draw string waist and little else. If we're being honest, the man could have been wearing MC Hammer pants and we still would have been fixated. Some people just have "it". 

We all wore the damn things. Made from that parachute material in primary colors and troublesome patterns, usually with pockets that filled with water when you got out of the pool. The waist bands would bunch together forgiving absolutely nothing - pushing those few extra pounds up as though being displayed on a shelf. Truth is, the swim trunks of years past were awful. JFK jr. , and pretty much ONLY JFK jr. could pull these things off. 

Eventually the surf culture of the 60's and 70's came back around and saved us in the mid 90's and early 2000's making board shorts the one and only acceptable swimwear choice for men for the last two decades. Even JFK Jr. made the switch. See the pic above. For some reason, however, when designers today try to emulate the post camelot prep look that Jr. embodied - they still insist on bringing back those fug drawstring shorts. So, whether I like it or not - here they come. Everybody's doing it... Check out what's coming to stores near you in the next couple weeks. What do you think? Will you be kicking it old school or sticking to your boardies this summer? I say if you must jump on the band waggon keep them short and fitted and always opt for solid or simple. I'm sure most of our dad's will be thrilled to know their swimwear is back in style again!

- brother. 

Hartford Trunks $145.00 Mr. Porter

Limoland $175.00 Mr. Porter

Ralph Lauren $59.50 

Polo $79.50 

Outlined Croc Shorts.  $95.00 Lacoste

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  1. jfk jr was incredibly sexy!

    may he rip