March 21, 2011



If you read this blog, you are well aware that I almost exclusively wear Levi's 511 jeans. In the past few weeks however I have been convinced by a couple of local retailers to try some new options. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised with both options. 

The first is a pair of skinny (and I mean SKINNY) dark denim stretchy jeans called the Jack Jean by a company called Comune. I found them at Good Stock next door to Nordstrom rack and have worn them with boots and a black blazer for a night on the town as well as with slip ons and a t-shirt around town on my bike. They are very versatile and comfy for skinny jeans and at a price point that is down right unbelievable. 

My second venture away from my norm was with a pair of jeans by the premium denim company PRVCY. I picked these up on 20th and K at the Denim Spot, again for a really reasonable price. They are perfect kick around jeans, fitted but comfy and particularly good at accentuating the bootay. 

Better pics HERE

So there you have it. Sometimes its good to break away from your habits of comfort and trust a local retailer. I'm definitely happy I did. 

- brother

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