March 8, 2011




I know, this is going to be tough. You've spent the better part of the last decade wearing a 5 lb paper weight around your wrist believing in your heart of hearts that you are on point in fashion. The truth is, until recently, you have been. But here's the thing, a watch does one thing - tell time. Most of us already walk around with cell phones in our pockets, in essence making our tradition of wearing watches obsolete from a function standpoint. As we all know however, function has very little to do with fashion. 

No one is saying this in the world of fashion just yet, but I still see our obsession with oversized faces on our watches to be a thing of the past. We have refined everything from our hairstyles to the cut of our trousers lately. American tradition and utilitarian simplicity are the new values held most high in fashion these days, and I think that it is high time we start applying those values to our watches. I subscribe to the idea that simple and clean always trumps big bulky and flashy. Below are some incredible examples of what I'm talking about at price points for any person. Get with the times and scale it back people!

- brother

Piaget Atiplano - 7k - 9k Buy HERE

Nixon Mellor - $130.00. Buy HERE

Ronde Solo de Cartier. $4,950.00 Buy HERE

Timex Elegant Round $35.00 (I know!) Buy HERE

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