March 3, 2011



I ran to midtown the other day looking for some funky urban t-shirts for a shoot we were doing and naturally thought to check one of my favorite Urban Accessories outlets - Upper Playground on J street. Low and behold, my go to store and its iconic Walrus sign was replaced with the image you see above - First Edition. 

Once I got past my initial shock (San Francisco based Upper Playground had taken a risk on Sacramento a few years back and it was sad to see them go), I was able to take a look around and allow myself to be truly, and I'm not just saying this, impressed with the change I found inside.

Behind the counter was familiar face Aaron Hearing (that's him above), the ultra calm and cool maestro behind all of this First Edition madness. Aaron spent the last few years with Upper Playground after previous work with Barney's New York in San Francisco,  Heritage Shoes and of course the all important FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) degree. Having amicably split from Upper Playground, Aaron has taken the space in a new more mature direction focusing on the modern evolved man and showcasing a truly discerning eye for style. Think more Urban workman wear than Hip hop. 

The store is well edited, featuring select brands and styles that reflect what is happening in Fashion beyond Sacramento. Hearing looks for merchandise that has a story and a purpose and is blending in complimentary products like premium skin care line Baxter of California and footwear by Native Workshop into his inventory. 

Baxter of California Skincare

The guy seems to really "get it" and judging by the artwork on the walls (See Shepard Fairey and Mike Giant) and the music he plays (an eclectic mix of hip hop and independent artists) First Edition is poised to become a brand unto itself representing the smart, sophisticated and free spirited man that First Edition seeks to serve. 

Check some pics from the store below and head to their website HERE for more on the brands they carry and directions on how to get there. This store has a lot of options for guys of all ages and is a refreshing alternative to the same old stuff we're seeing all over Sacramento. Get to shopping guys - this is what we've been waiting for. It's up to us to keep this place in business - support local! 

- brother

From the front door in.

Still featuring Upper Playground among other cool brands like Crate and Charlie Noble