March 23, 2011



Ok, I'm going to keep it real here. Lou Dalton might be the darling of the London fashion scene, but I just don't see it. I mean, take a look at this:

Did she fold an old mothy sweater and then cut it up like a paper snow flake? I'm seeing some holes in this esthetic... yuk yuk yuk

or how about this:

Tilda Swinton meets Bob Dylan? And the riding pants? Ugh.

And just to really lay down the point:

Andy Samberg as 13 year old riding champion. 

SO, with all of the previous images in mind, you can imagine my shock and awe when I got my eyes on these:

These wool flannel zip trousers in black are so maud and funky that I'm almost completely able to forgive the snowflake sweater. I want them in my closet immediately, but unfortch I have to wait for them to be shipped from the UK (they're only available at Daniel Jenkins). Maybe there is something to the buzz surrounding lady Lou afterall. Decide for yourself at her website.  

- brother

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