March 16, 2011



It's not with little resistance that I write this post. Let me be clear about one thing: The existence of Crocs and the subsequent wearing of said crocs is a reprehensible offense. If any exception can be made, and again, this assertion is made with great hesitation, crocks might be considered permissible in situations of massive floods, regular occurrences of blood or feces splattering, or other occupational hazards that might warrant the wearing of hose-down-able rubber shoes. In these cases only, may Crocs be worn as a utilitarian need and never still as an actual style choice. 

Whipe that smile off your face sir. There is nothing funny about this. 

With that being said, a little brand by the name of Native began popping up all over the interweb of fashion blogs, gaining traction for it's styley take on the rubber offense. I first noticed this company about a half year ago in Australian GQ, something I assumed was an obvious cultural case of confusion. Then, maybe a month ago I saw these little rubber duckies on the shelves of First Edition in midtown, a store I consider to be rather on point with mens urban fashion. Finally, as I caught up on my google reader, I found endorsements from everyone from Hypebeast, to DapperQ. What gives? Am I missing something? Are these not just fancy crocs? 

The Jefferson - basically rubber chuck T's

I'm not sure I fully understand the phenomenon, but nonetheless, it appears that I am in the minority when it comes to the trend setting community online. So I pose the question to you readers - what do you think? Are these just updated crocs - as reprehensible as their forefathers or are they a viable fashion option with a sense of humor that we should embrace during these annoyingly uber serious times? 

The jury is still out for me. If you're liking what you're seeing and ready to go full on native - buy locally at Getta Clue, Good Stock or First Edition.  Check their cheeky add campaign below and a pretty cool factory video too. More info online HERE

- brother

They even make them in baby sizes. .

Factory Video from Native Shoes on Vimeo.

Introducing the Howard by Native Shoes from Native Shoes on Vimeo.

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  1. they are DOPE! A great alternative summer slip on, easy to clean, looks great, dress up or down. All around great summer shoe for $45, can't lose. I love mine.