March 7, 2011



With the weather bouncing back and forth from sunny to crumby on a day by day basis, getting dressed to do anything has been down right impossible this weekend. Add to this the fact that I had an old friend over on Friday night and we reacquainted ourselves with the bottom of a bottle of Bullet Bourbon - and well, I'm not feeling like getting out of my sweatpants this weekend. 

So, as a good stylist, I am poised to answer the question - who makes the BEST sweatpants in the world. I'll admit that I've found quite a few options in the past, the inside out cut off cotton shorts by lucky brand, the oversized t-shirts made by Alexander Wang's T line, even Gap Athletics ultra thin pajama shirts - all amazing and affordable options. Lulu Lemon makes an entire line of ultra comfy clothes as well. One man however, is clearly the absolute best at making you never want to get out of your sweatpants. 

James Perse started out in LA making the best T-shirts I'd ever seen. Made from imported Japanese jersey, stretched and brushed and even pre-washed before being sewn to a slightly loose fitting t-shirt in perfect proportions. The t-shirts found themselves instantly on the backs of every celebrity known to man, and then within a year or so on millions of Americans at $85.00 a pop. $85.00!!! That is a lot of moola, but let me tell you, it's worth it. Since his beginning Perse has moved on to full collections including outerwear and even shoes, always with a day by the fireplace in mind. I love it all. Join me your pajamas if you wish, and buy your own gear HERE. Or just check the pictures below and dream of a day when all your clothes feel like cashmere. 

- brother  

The original T shirt. Life Changing at $85.00

Two toned Raglan Hoodie - Ultra Soft

Raglan Pullover $185.00

Vintage fleece sweat pant $165. 

Yosemite Track Shorts $110.00

Crew neck pajama shirt $50.00

Oversized cashmere scarf $295.00

Just for fun, the james perse cruiser. Sickness. $2,500.00

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