March 14, 2011



I know, we're in Sactown - not exactly known for our world class public transportation system (It should be renamed "light fail"), and as a consequence the great majority of us have opted to drive to and from work even if we live just a few miles away. We'd rather spend the extra money on gas and parking, than have to sit next to Downtown James brown every morning on our ritual commute.  Don't know what I'm talking about? See the video below.

The guy is amazing, but not at 6:30am with less than a half a foot between you and his body odor. Just saying. 

This driving culture Monday through Friday is particularly interesting to me because of the complete contrast one sees in Downtown and Midtown Sacramento come the weekend. There are so many beach cruisers like the one you see above (I own and love this bike, on sale right now at Mike's) out on the streets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you would think you were in Downtown Davis. The truth about Sacramento is that we really are a pretty green city, and a people that likes to get out on our bikes and roam around town. I think the reason that most of us drive to work instead of bike is not that we're too lazy, but that until now it's been near impossible to get to our jobs in our work clothes with out showing up a sweaty dirty stinky and sometimes drenched in rain mess. Biking in slacks and a button up is not exactly an easy ride, and ladies I don't need to tell you twice about the concerns of mounting anything in a skirt. 

In comes Outlier clothing. Made in New York with specifically this conundrum in mind, outlier is technical clothing made with bike commuters in mind but tailored and designed for the working professional. I must say that whether you are a cyclist or not, certain products like their new 60/30 chino not only stand up to the major fashion labels of the world, but are remarkably more durable and stylish at the same time. 

60/30 weather proof chino

Fair warning, most outlier products look simple in construction and style yet cost a pretty penny more than what you'd find from similar products at Banana or JCrew. Keep in mind that the materials used to make these garments guarantee that what you buy from Outlier will outlast your typical item by five or six times. For the active professional I highly recommend. Check them out HERE. Some standouts below.

- Brother

Supermarine Shirt (also in white) - Can withstand hours of rain - water wicks away. $300.00

Blazed cotton pivot sleeved shirt (also in pink, blue and white). Stays crisp and gives range of motion. $165.00

Workwear Pant Iteration 2 - Picture says it all. Slim fit in many colors $188.00