March 4, 2011



If you read our blog than you know that I pick up a lot of my favorite items from Getta Clue. This store has been a Sacramento staple for years providing on point hip hop inspired Urban fashion, footwear and accessories at their two locations (one at Downtown mall and the other next door to Nordstrom Rack). If I'm talking truth, and I always speak the good word, Getta Clue has for me been mostly an outlet for cool accent pieces, jewelry and accessories. I almost never buy their menswear. The reason for that is that traditionally the store has purchased from the conventional Hip Hop silhouette that is mostly oversized and maybe a little too "urban" for this kid from the burbs. Every time I wound up in either location I would try on an amazing jacket or button up and wind up disappointed that I was practically swimming in it. 

In the last year I have noticed a dramatic shift in their purchasing - moving in a much more bespoke and sophisticated direction. The feel of the store has evolved, still maintaining some of that hip hop edge that I love, but offering sizes and fits that are much more tailored, refined and reflective of current fashion trends. To be fair, the shift toward fitted apparel is something that has happened not only in mainstream fashion, but also in Hip Hop culture. Saggy pants and oversized jerseys have gone the way of MC Hammers career... thank god. So, at the end of the day, this shift isn't an abandonment of their roots in urban culture, but more a testament of how urban fashion is meeting the mainstream. If you ask me, it's a win win for everyone. 

So, as a final confirmation that this change is really happening, it has been verified that Getta Clue is in the process of becoming Good Stock a completely new shopping experience focused on unique wearable fashion that is both on trend and in tune with that Urban edge for which they've always been known. Check out their site HERE and like them on Facebook HERE. Check the images below for some examples of the great brands and styles you'll find in the Good Stock. I promise you, you're going to love their new look. 


Brixton - Available at Good Stock

Comune - Available at Good Stock

(I wore the black tank top right with a blazer to fashion week!)

Obey - Available at Good Stock

Marshall Artist - Available at Good Stock

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  1. only the arden location has changed to good stock boutique
    thank you for the press!!!