March 28, 2011



So, Mama Diane has been the queen of versatile chic women's fashion since the dawning of her game changing - every woman staple, the wrap dress. That little green number above made a few subconscious statements when it came into the game. First, it said that comfort did not need to be at the expense of style and second, that every day staples not only can, but should be in color. 

This Spring marks the second go around for miss Von Furstenberg in the home design world (the first was in the late 70's for Sears!). DVF promises that her line will have the same concentration of color, print, lifestyle and living well for which her fashions have become known. While DVF is known for being pretty feminine - I even see a few things that might fit in my man cave. Below are a few standouts. Check out the rest HERE.  

- brother

Sophisticated glassware in color?! Yes! And that plate. Swoon. 

Now that's geometry I can understand. Asymetry mismatch at its finest. 

I'm a white bed person, but I'm crushing just a little bit on those patterned pillows. A summer change might be on the horizon. 

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