March 1, 2011



Lord knows I love me some Oprah (I've been known to call her Pope-rah from time to time;) but I usually don't watch her show for the fashion. Last week I have to say that while watching her interview with the tabloid king of late Mr. David Arquette, I was taken with his unique but refreshing style. The guy has not exactly been known for his refined taste - case and point:

I have to say that Mr. Arquette came across noticeably fragile, genuinely hopeful and particularly raw. While his usual style is typically costumey and deliberate, his style both on the actual set as well as during the footage of him at home seemed easy, sexy and very current. This refinement in style is no doubt somewhat attributed to his participation in Propr the clothing line he started in 2008 with singer Ben Harper and former Original Penguin purveyor David Bedwell. A smart salesman, David wore Propr all over the Oprah show, first in the FABulous olive green chino suit he wore during the one on one with Mama O and then again during the footage at home in a more casual ensemble. 

I'm loving this suit also sold in navy and khaki on as it takes the classic form of your traditional two button suit while giving it a certain utilitarian sensibility through the heavy chino material. The trousers are actually cut long (the opposite of what everyone else is doing) making the look decidedly more casual and almost hip hop. In my opinion a little hip hop flare is always a good thing. Sold as separates and VERY affordable, this suit is perfect for a night in Spring. Pick it up HERE

I also found this basic T playing on the famous I Heart NY theme particularly charming. Haters need to get to steppin' - love is where it's at. Given David's obvious challenges of late, I appreciated his not so subtle statement - keep things positive. You can find the shirt at Propr as well in black or white as well as other fun graphic tee's. Just for fun, if you like this shirt, I recommend you check out my good friend Cole Ramstad's heartening blog I guarantee you'll be charmed. 

- brother

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