February 3, 2011



In the last week I have seen quite a few problems around and about Sacramento. In the gym a woman was wearing panty-hoes under her shorts - with sneakers. I know! A close family member who will remain nameless seems to always show up to public events in Big Dog T-shirts. Yes, they still exist. The tragedies seem to be jumping out of the bushes at me lately, and I'm here to say people, this is a new year, a new day, there is still hope for you! DO NOT THROW UP THE WHITE FLAG! 

I am fairly certain that many of the offenders simply don't even realize they have given up. In an effort to make this as quick and painless as possible - I have prepared some visual aids to help you recognize whether you have thrown up the Fashion white flag or not. If you see even a glimpse of yourself in any of these images, please PLEASE call me. 

- brother

DON'T even think about it. 

Nope. A sweater implies that you might be cold. You need to wear a shirt with this. 

No fear? Actually, there is a lot of fear. These were never ok - especially now. In general - no to slogans.

Ugh. It looks like loose skin. So inappropriate. 

You know who you are. I see these WAY too often. 

Under your suit - ok. To the gym, come on guys. Stop it. 

Chacos. Here is the deal. If you are trenching through a tropical rainforest then you are actually quite well dressed and prepared for the situation. In all other situations, I repeat, all other situations, Chacos and all other manifestations of them will make you look like a stinky weirdo. Not just unfashionable, you will look stinky and weird. Just saying. 

OH the list could go on and on, but you get the idea. I know that life has been throwing you a lot of curve-balls lately. You're short on time, energy, maybe your washer and dryer broke. I don't know. Whatever your reason, if you've found yourself out of the game, throwing up that fashion white flag, give us a call. SisBro can help. 

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