February 14, 2011



Rock God's and Pop Princesses rub shoulders at the biggest night in music, but before the show starts the important stuff happens - The Red Carpet. The Truth is that the ladies always steal the show when it comes to the carpet (Gagaloonatic showed up in an egg) - but the dudes looked pretty cool too. Sister will hit you up with the lady looks, but below are some of the best, worst and most exciting styles from your favorite leading men. Unfortunately hardly anyone asks the guys what their wearing, so if I don't state it - they didn't either. It was an interesting night to say the least!

- brother

Ugh - Ricky! You looked a disheveled mess, and for me to admit that is a difficult thing. Your metallic jeans looked like spray painted jeggings and that bunching near your "area" just takes this whole thing to an unfortunate and supe dupe awkward place. You could have thrown on a belt and made it a little less uncomfy for everyone, but at the end of the day you're still a middle aged man wearing sausage casing for pants. From the waist up you get a B+. I like the jacket, but your tie kept spinning around and coming loose. Learn how to tie a tie or pay someone who can. Still love you boo. 

Adam "lady coat" Levine. Where to begin? 1) the baggy crotch - like my Uncle Anthony used to say, "If you can't fill it up, pull it up". This is like hobo chic meets lesbian chic. 2) The jacket looks like he picked it up at Wet Seal and 3) Wearing that T-shirt to an awards show is just rude. You, Mr. Levine, are rude. 

I'm a belieber in being nice to children, so I'm gonna go easy on this one. He's wearing Dolce & Gabbana - so that in and of itself is a good start. But, when you are the biggest celebrity  in the music world today - get someone to tailor your suit. The poor kid is swimming in this thing. Remembering my ill-fitting prom tuxedo with tails and a cane, I'm going to let this one go. 

B.O.B looked like a Rock Star! I love this red jacket with white piping. Pairing it with a simple tuxedo shirt and leather pants  was a genius way to dress it down while still looking red hot for the awards show. I'd loose the scarf - one too many accessories - but overall - good work. 

Bruno Mars matched his ultra smooth voice to an ultra smooth retro look. I love the pocket square, pompadour and sheen to the jacket. He looked perfectly polished and on point. Not sure if the sunglasses are a fashion accessory or necessity given his recent issues with the white powdery stuff. Just sayin...

John Mayer is either preparing a Mark Anthony tribute album or determined to look as sorry as his reputation. WTH JM? Not good. 

Keith Urban was looking safe but cool next to his impossibly beautiful wife Nicole. I like that he's wearing biker boots instead of cowboy boots. Let's be real - the dude gets his hair highlighted - he's not really a cowboy. 

Seriously? I'm so confused by this Kevin McHale kid. Is that a harness? For what? Are you carrying guns? Are you that mad about having to shove around in a wheel chair on glee? Your outfit otherwise looks great  - if you thought you were going to say... a mystery dinner theater party... an audition for the next James Bond Movie... you look like an idiot. This is the Grammy's, dress young, have fun and don't bring weapons. 

Glambert looks cool in black on black. I'm feeling the heals and the embellished lapel. I think he could have turned it up a bit for the Grammys but he still looks pretty great. 

YES! YES! You know why this works for Lil Wayne? Because this dude is every bit a badass no matter what he wears, and throwing on a fitted cardigan and a pair of charcoal slacks just puts an exclamation point on that fact. He looks casual, cool and every bit in charge of his matured style. 

Mathew Morrison looks sharp and sexy however inappropriately normal for the grammys. 

Taboo is working the harem pant in this monochromatic hit. Rocking the double breasted jacket fully wrapped like a kimono looks razor sharp with cool accessories like the fingerless glove. Your average guy could wear that same jacket with a pair of black jeans and some high gloss cap toe shoes and look off the hook cool.

You know how little girls dream of a Disney prince to ask for their hand in marriage and then swoop them off on an animated horse to their pink castle in the sky? I feel like Jewel dreamed of an impossibly obvious looking cowboy to be her husband, and that cartoon character actually married her. Ty Murray looks pretend. 

Ok, that's all I got tonight folks. Can't wait to hear who your favorites were!

- brother

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