January 14, 2011



Times are obviously tough over at Badgley Mishka. When designers run through their mental rolodex of the premium celebs they would "die" to have represent their brands, names like Angelina, Hale and Demi all seem to make sense and offer a certain aspirational element to their product. This season however, Mark Badgley and James Mischka clearly are in the midst of a Britney-like nervous breakdown - it's the only explanation I can think of for their ... Big Reveal ... RUMER WILLIS ad campaign!!! I thought this was some kind of prank at first, but nope - Rumor has it.
Here's the deal. Lil miss Willis is a nice enough girl with plenty going for her. Her mom is Demi Moore and her dad is Bruce Willis. She's done pretty well in the few movie roles she's been in, and well - how do I put this gently - despite the fact that her look is perhaps better suited for radio (I'm not saying she's ugly, she's a pretty girl, but she's no super model), she's seemed to do pretty well for herself. Not everyone has to look like - her mom - to have a successful acting career. That being said, I expect a little more from my High Fashion Campaigns. When a woman spends a grand on a new dress she wants to believe that she is going to look like Paris Hilton not Perez.  

I could understand Rumer serving as the spokesperson for say ... Bedazzled Neck Braces:

Perhaps an ... Anti Smoking Campaign:

But - low and behold - Badgley Mischka has released the following - actually impressively pretty photos of Rumer for their 2011 campaign. I suppose as a feminist I am going to count this one as a win for average people everywhere. Let's believe that Rumer is a really beautiful person inside and out and that is what B&M is trying to convey. Whatever that girl did to nail this campaign, more power to her. I can't wait to see who shows up on Badgley Mischka's Fall/Winter campaign....Jon Heder anyone? 

Enjoy the pics. 
- brother

Photos courtesty of Just Jared.

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