January 4, 2011



It's funny. I love to watch how my parent friends dress their kids up in the coolest, craziest and most creative outfits. There is no hesitation to put their sons in beanies with ears and antlers and their daughters in pink polka dot dresses. When it comes to children, we give our kids license to just have fun with the way they dress. The cuter, goofier and more colorful their outfits get, the more joy it brings everyone. So why is it that as adults we think that a little fun is so "inappropriate"? I mean really? Sure, I get that wearing a purple suit to the office might be a little much, but what about when your running to the grocery store or out for a drink with your wife? I say live a little. Add some color that matches nothing else in your outfit just because it's cool. Where a goofy T-shirt or sneak an unusual wallet choice into your pocket. As an adult the key is subtlety. Every outfit should have at least a wink of fun. Push it too far and you'll wind up looking like David Arquette, but with the right balance of function and fit, a little playfulness will take you a long way. Below are some of my favorites from the ultra cool Kidrobot. Get all these looks HERE or stop by Artifacts on K Street for select items. 

- brother

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