January 25, 2011



That's right, life in Sactown can get a bit frigid come January. It's nice and everything being near Tahoe and so close to the slopes - but let's get real - we're more the snow bunny type than a Peekaboo Streets. I for one live in the River City for the fun in the sun! Unfortunately we've got a few more months until we can break out the mankini's and martinis (ok, maybe the mankini should never come out) - but that doesn't mean we have to sit around and sulk - time to get the hell out of dodge.   Practicing what I preach - I have just scheduled a fun week in the Ultimate US beach town - SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI! Clearly, you can't be dragging out some saggy bottom shorts from three years ago in the land of the beautiful, so I've scoured the internet for the coolest suits and have decided to share the wealth with all of you. Not going on vacay? No biggie - summer is right around the corner, and getting your trunks in the off season is almost always less expensive and will provide you with that much needed motivation to hit the gym instead of the Mac and Cheese.  Enjoy!

Oh WAIT - A couple Rules: 

1. Big and baggy is OUT. Your inseam should be no longer than 8" (right above the knee). If you want to be on trend go for a 4 or 6" inseam (should rest about mid thigh). 
2. Plain front with buttons or a draw string are the ONLY option. DO NOT buy anything that bunches at the top or has an elastic waist. 
3. Don't be afraid to go a little crazy. Bright colors are fun and completely appropriate. Avoid floral prints and those Hawaii prints from the 90's.
4. Flaunt what you've got. If you are a bigger guy - don't worry about it. Life is too short to be sitting around with your t-shirt on. 
5. If you've been working hard and are looking good - go ahead and take things a bit shorter. In miami, Laguna, and well just about anywhere but America, go ahead and rock a speedo. It's all about confidence. Trust me, rock board shorts in Miami and you'll be turning heads for all the wrong reasons.  

- brother

Park and Ronen - 2" Inseam Angeleno Swim Trunk $95.00

Park and Ronen 8" Classic Board Shorts - White Fiesta Bowl $98

Neil Barrett for Sundek $142.00

Quicksilver Cypher Brigg 21" Outseam $59.50

Original Penguin - Volley Swim Short $59.00

Aussiebum - Lowrider - blade $69.88

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