January 27, 2011



I'm going to beat this issue like a dead horse - so if you are already tired of it - well - poke your eyes out or something. ;) lol kidding... kinda. I wrote a post last week about the water crisis we are in, and the major contribution that dying our clothes adds to this problem. This week I bring you the first major company to step up and make a change in their creation process by eliminating as much water as possible.

This week Levi's announced their new commitment to Water < Less denim a revolutionary process that reduces the use of water by more than 28% per pair and up to 96% in some styles. I'll spare you all of the reasons why this is so important but I will say that 10,000 children die from water related illness in the world EACH day. 1 liter of clean water a day would save a child's life, yet we waist 43 liters of water per pair of jeans in the manufacturing process and another 21 liters every time we wash them. That is crazy. Please support Levi's effort so that more companies will follow suit. In your homes wash your jeans less. Denim polishes with more wear and actually looks better the less you wash.  It looks better and it's better for everyone.

All your favorite styles will be made in the water < Less process including my beloved 511's and 514's. Check them below - they look fantastic and each at under $70.00 - No excuses.

- brother

Check out the campaign that is going to surely be all over everything in the weeks to come below and a second video with Levi's Chief designer Carl Chiara demonstrating the process up close. To say I am excited about this break through is an understatement. I hope you will all join me in doing everything you can to help limit the waste of water. Buy Levi's water < less HERE.  

And for no reason at all - maybe to lighten the mood a bit - I present the 1991 Brad Pitt Levi's commercial. You're welcome. :)

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