December 30, 2010



Playful knowing energy is how I would best describe designer Gerlan Marcel of Gerlan Jeans. Crazy out there baby clothes mixed with glitter and trash bag designers, the kind I refer to as Haz-Glam  - a la Ke$ha - a la not good - are a dime a dozen. Still following me? Bottom line = I'm not so into wild for the sake of wild. Initially I think of shock and awe as mostly lazy design. Occasionally however a fashion icon burst from some bubble gum bubble underworld where the garbage pale kids and the my little ponys inspire some truly jaw droppingly, smile rendering ideas. That burst of fresh sugary air is what I felt when I first saw the work of Betsy Johnson, the styling of Patty Fields on Sex in the City, and even the pattern heavy latino tinged joy of designer Mondo from Project Runway. It doesn't happen every day, but when it does, it's great. Gerlan's work is smart. She puts things like cropped patterned sweatshirts with the shoulders cut out down the runway. She dares men to patterns - on their pants. She re-thinks reality without completely losing hold of it. I'm impressed by her first two collections and eager to see more. Below are a few things I found particularly on point, and you can see more and buy some at her site HERE

Exaggerated Shapes on basic styles gives a fun bohemian look. Paired with leggings and a leather jacket the graphic look would take a completely different look.

A sexy sweatshirt? Really? Yes. 

I saw this a lot in LA last time I was there. Beaded necklaces, hand made bracelets etc. Granted, not to this extreme, but that's what runways are for right?! 

Again with slinky yet simple silhouettes amped up with a fun graphic pop.

DVF Wrap dress meets a disco ball. Fierce for a night out. Awesome asymmetry.

The bustier is back - and in such stark contrasting colors, this would flatter any body.

Something we'll be seeing a lot more of - conservative style with over the top color and pattern. Makes a traditional look feel fresh and cool. 

As a guy who wears turquoise pants a lot, I fully endorse these patterned slacks. Pair it with a grey t-shirt or a black double breasted sport coat - either way you'll look fresh to death. 

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