December 6, 2010


(Glambert rocking a heart brooch on Idol)


Some dudes feel a little "fancy" wearing a flower in their pocket or really any kind of embellishment at all. My question is, where is that coming from? Over the ages men have added a little love to their lapels for a series of reasons. During war times it was common and honorable to wear medals and ribbons about time as a sign of distinction or support. In the 40's and 50's men regularly dressed up their looks with pocket squares and handkerchiefs and some of the more bold blokes wore fresh flowers in the button hole of their lapel. Having a little fun with one's day wear has never been absent from men's fashion. So guys, let's get over that self conscious neuvo-macho thing that has you puling back rather then busting out with character. Have a little fun and wear your personality on your sleeve (literally). 

How to pull of this look? First think local. Do you have any old war medals from your father or grandfather? Any cool pins or buttons from past elections or class events? Anything that can be pinned should be considered. Look for items in metallics and bright colors that can play things up but not over power the outfit. It's also important to note that when wearing a bold accessory, make sure that the accessory is aloud to be the headline. Keep the rest of your look simple and complimentary. No need to muddle the message with a crazy hat, tie or shoes thrown on top of your man brooch. When it comes to accessories more is less. Some examples below. 

- brother

(Gatsby 2.0 with a mafia style carnation and some sick saddle shoes)

(Metallics are always a good choice especially with a jacket or other casual options.)

(Quirky animal pins are great conversation pieces that help show your personality)

(Great Hat pin found on Etsy)

(Handmade tie flower brings a tongue in cheek quirkiness. Wear like a flower on a blazer.)

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