December 13, 2010



Every year around the Holidays I get downright upset. I deserve the Armani suit! The Property Of weekender bag was designed with me in mind! Frankly, it would be down right offensive if I was not the proud owner of the coveted Sole' Fixie Bike. Unfortunately, I am charged with spending all of my limited resources on gifts for other people that sometime around December 30th I end up without two pennies to rub together and a boat load of goodwill and christmas cheer. Let me tell you, Ferragamo Wing Tips aren't bought with yuletide Cheer. Yeah yeah, the greatest gift of all is the gift of giving, but on the real, sometimes it's nice to get some new toys!

All kidding aside, this time of year is the most notorious for showcasing all kinds of amazing trends, fashions, gadgets and more that so many of us simply can't afford. While it's simple and easy to just turn into the sad sack Mr. Grinch, I was reminded today by one of my favorite blogs The Dandy Project, that there sill is a way to look the part without actually having the money to pay for it. The secret? DO IT YOURSELF!

I know, if you aren't Carol J Crafty the thought of reworking an old coat or embellishing a vintage purse sounds daunting, but the truth is, with a little creativity and a tiny bit of time, you will likely end up with something so much more interesting and unique than the real thing. Below are some pics of a camel coat repurposing that the guys at The Dandy Project put together. I think it is a genius idea and something that I am currently working on with some old sport blazers I bought vintage this weekend. Check it out and if you feel inspired as I did, give it a try. Head out to Crossroads or Free Style Clothing Exchange  and spend a little on something that just might end up on your back a lot. No need to live without! 

- brother

Not a particularly stylish Coat aside from it's color.  Bought for less than $5.00.

First order of business: Loose the Stodgy buttons.

Step 2: Shift the button line over to make it fit Snug, add cool metallic buttons.

Step 3: Add some personal flair. 

Finally, they cut the hem above the knee and rocked the finished product for all to see. 

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