November 25, 2010



For many, picking a watch that both looks good and suits one's lifestyle is no easy task. Sure, the easy thing to do is go with one of the big brands like Rolex, Cartier or Chopard etc as there is no doubt that they will last the test of time and always reflect classic sophistication.  Many people unfortunately (including me) either can't afford such extravagance or simply don't want to walk around with $10,000.00 on their wrist.  For me, I have to factor in two main concerns. The first is that my watch has to be able to take a lickin and keep on tickin. I work in a hotel which means that on a given day I am doing anything from meeting with clients and writing contracts to working in the kitchen and plating up food. In this business we do everything. I need a watch that can be submerged in water, banged up, sweated in and more and still keep on working. The second need I have is that the watch look good and be functional in all situations. I know, this is a tough request, but I am very particular about a few items in my life. My watch, wallet and glasses are my personal arsenal. I consider each of these an extension of my own person and I do not switch any of them out. I need each to be left in the same place every evening, to be expected to function properly at any time and to fit my day to day seamlessly and virtually unnoticed. The perfect work out watch is not always the perfect out on the town watch nor the right where with a suit at work watch. Because I have this thing about not switching things up, I obviously have to avoid painfully expensive wrist wear as i would probably look a bit cray cray wearing a rolex to the 24 hour fitness. Not so much...

My solution, year after year has been Nixon Watches. This is a company that simple states it's mission "we make the little shit better". Classy I know, but when you think about it, that's really what you want in a watch isn't it? No nonsense. I want my watch to tell time, not be particularly heavy or light, rest comfortably and withstand the elements while maintaining its style. Nixon checks all of these boxes without an exorbitant price tag. Below are some of the coolest styles in their collection today. If you are looking for the perfect everyday watch, or perhaps as a gift for the holidays, I highly recommend. These are high quality crafted and high style. Buy HERE

Banks Leather

Ceramic Black. Also comes in White. 

The Highball Pocket Watch

The Housing. Comes with interchangeable rubber bands in black, blue red, white, grey etc. 

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