November 11, 2010


Nobody does VaVoom fashion better than John Galliano. The guy is not only an iconic and incredibly accomplished designer, but he is a showman and a master of theatrics whose fearless eccentricity can be matched by no one. This years Spring 2011 show featured looks inspired by Charlie Chaplin, parisian formal wear and what looks to this humble blogger as east LA glam ;)

Many people watch JG's shows as though they are a cabaret, unwearable, gaudy and while entertaining, too out there to be worn by normal people. I couldn't disagree more. Sure, his shows are over the top (some of the models look like he threw a bag of flower in their face before they walked out). While you might not wear the looks as styled on the runway, there are many notes a guy can take from this fashion savant. Below are some of my favorite looks and what I would take into my real life. Check out his website HERE to see the video of the show and find retailers near you. Enjoy!

- brother

A couple things here. 1. Tank tops as part of evening wear. Under jackets, sport coats etc. The look is young, sexy and clean. Don't try if you aren't fit and thin. 2. Layered hoods. Don't just throw on a jacket. Throw a hoodie underneath, add an open flannel for a pop of color, give it dimension. 

Check out the butterfly collar on this suit. It is sophisticated and familiar and yet still totally different than what you see everyday at work. Get the same feeling from a tuxedo shirt paired with a medium width tie or a thin knit tie. 

To me I see three things here. One is a cinched waist on a long coat. Most trench coats have this already standard, but consider replacing the belt with an alternate tone. Don't stray too far, but if you keep things relatively monocromatic you can pull it off. 2. Creasing on casual trousers. The simplest thing you can do to add shape and a certain throwback appeal to your outfit is to take an iron to your jeans or chinos. Fold them in half and crease from just above the knee to the break. 3. Embellishments. Galliano shows these scarf like broaches on many of his looks. Add your grandfathers war medal to your winter coat, affix a vintage patch to a casual sport coat etc. The more unique and the better the story, well, the better. 

1. You should totally get these abs. 2. Riding style pants for summer and even into fall are a cool alternative to shorts. Pair them with boots as styled here or with flat canvas shoes like the styles found at toms. I also love the look of traditional tailored pieces done in jersey and sport materials. John Varvatos makes some sweatshirt material sport coats and lulu lemon is a great place to start for transitional pants. 

Aside from the no shirt underneath thing, I love this look. Rock suspenders under your top layer with a white Tshirt or even a pop of color peaking out. I like the idea of there being more than initially meets the eye. 

Notice the blousey trouser. This is a trend that is coming in full force. The look is fitted at the waist and often tapered at the break or cropped. I find it looks best with a strong boot and when paired with a more structured top or jacket (as styled here). Without the balance of something structured, the look leaves you looking like you've joined the circus. 

This is the genius behind these clothes. Is it me or does JG look like Scar from the Lion King?

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