October 26, 2010



So, I've already done a piece on the LWD that I thought it prudent to finish my thought on this silly and rather stylistically inept approach most of society has to wearing white after Labor Day. It's simple, white is one of the most beautiful colors for dressing. Most people look great in white or at least an off-white or nude. The fresh, souffle de vie of white brightens most people's day merely by being worn. White is a color for ALL seasons.

Chanel, Valentino, Anna Sui 2010

The key to wearing white in the Winter months is picking a thicker, matte material. Layering is crucial, too. You want the look to portray South of France, not South Beach. Lace and ruffles are all okay, too. As you can see above, designers threw in trends we've seen all year long into their Fall/Winter 2011 shows.

Givenchy White Oversized Tux Jacket with Red Mittens. So cool.

Stella McCartney Pleated Nude Pant, $575 at Netaporter
My latest obsession and one my clients' can attest to, is the high-waisted white pant. I just love this look. So clean and chic. I prefer it be made of a wool, but cotton or jersey works, too and again, a matte fabric (never do this look in a shiny fabric unless being worn in warmer months). You already know how I feel about red, white and blue combined (do it), but white and navy is simply divine - as seen on Chanel Runway 2010. If you have a hard time finding the high-waisted, wide-legged white pant in the Winter months, try designers' resort collections. Almost all of them have a variation of this look. And if you care, layering with Fall/Winter pieces (think cardigans, leather jackets, scarves and gloves) deems the look "appropriate" by all around you. HOWEVER, if you pair it with a pair of white strappy sandals (please don't ever do this regardless of weather), you will look atrocious. Sorry.

Salvatore Ferragamo High Waisted White Pants
Citizens of Humanity White Jean Leggings/Jeggings, $180 at Netaporter
Perfect with a long, cashmere sweater and paired with brown riding boots or lace up military boots.

If white on the derriere scares the bejeebers out of you, consider going nude with the color or trying a palazzo version of the pant. Or, throw in a white jacket or a crisp white blouse instead. And please, NEVER EVER wear white shoes. Not even sneakers. They make you look dorky. It's true. Nude is always better and that includes your brasierre. ;-)

That's all I've got.

- sister

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