September 23, 2010



Chanel. Such a beautiful word. So beautiful, I named my Cavalier King Charles after its creator, Coco. From the moment I understood haute couture, I understood Chanel.

Coco Chanel

The first Chanel piece I ever laid eyes on was not typical. I spotted her from a distance, an older woman counting her coupons at Bel Air grocery store, silver hair tightly wound upon her head and a lip stain in the perfect red. On her eyes were black-rimmed, cat eyeglasses with a strange emblem on their side and well, she was wearing a black and white tweed jacket scalloped and lined in shiny gold buttons. I was smitten and I was only 10. Smitten by a sophistication that even at the age of 10 I had hoped to acquire someday. Much later and after thoughtful examination of fashion magazines, I discovered the tweed jacket again. Ah, so this is Chanel.

Red Vintage Tweed Chanel Jacket

It was a moment of enlightenment, a fashion epiphany. While I certainly could not afford her (yet), I would remember her and appreciate her and follow the cardinal rule of Chanel: less is more. And so it began... my indoctrination.

Chanel Fall 2010 Runway
Vintage Red Quilted Chanel Bag

Chanel Fall 2010 Runway
Coco Chanel the Epitomy of Fashion Bourgeoisie

Of course, I'm no longer that 10 year old little girl and I've learned over time to own Chanel is to own forever. One must practice delayed gratification and not be too rash or too anxious. Select your pieces wisely and with a vision of lifetime use. These are not pieces you discard of after you are bored because frankly, Chanel's classic pieces never stop entertaining. No, these are timeless pieces of perfection that should be passed down from generation to generation. When you're ready, vintage pieces are everywhere and in this economy, a STEAL. Shop vintage Chanel just about everywhere and find newer pieces at Nordstrom  as seen below ( for Triple Rewards Points) or online at Chanel. Je t'en pris.

Above: Chanel Neo Brooch; Below Left: Chanel Baroque Earrings, Below Right: Chanel Shiny Brown Caviar Maxi Bag with Silver Hardware all available at Nordstrom.

- sister

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